blog posts on python for data science

Intro to Python for Data Science

The aim of this post is to provide a quick intro to Python for Data Science. Python is a general-purpose programming language and is not specific to data science. Let us…
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raw_input python

In this post, we will learn about raw_input() function in Python. raw_input() function is used to accept user input.It presents a prompt to the user , gets input from the…
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Natural Language Processing with Python

In this post, we will learn to perform Natural language processing with Python. Natural language processing, also called NLP, is the ability of a software program to understand human language.…
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Topic modeling in Python

In this post, I will introduce you to topic modeling in Python (or) topic identification, which you can apply to any text you encounter in the wild. Using basic NLP(Natural…
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Python Random Data Generation

In this post, we will discuss how to generate random data(Numbers and Strings) in Python. Random numbers can be generated using the Python standard library or using Numpy. How to…
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