Different approaches to convert a list to string in Python

In this post, we will learn how to convert a list to a string in the python programming language.

Using .join()

The first approach that we are going to learn is to use the join method. join is a method that can be used on strings. It takes an iterable(list in this case) as the argument, and uses the string as delimiter while converting the list to a string.

If any of the list elements is not a string, this method wont work. See below for example. A TypeError is raised because the element 11 is not a string.

In such cases, convert all the non string elements to a string first , and then apply join method.Note that here we are using a list comprehension as argument to join method

Using map()

Suppose your list contains integers only, and you want to make a string from all the list elements. You need to convert each element of the list to a string before joining them.

You can do the conversion to strings using map. We will pass each element of the list to the function str in order to convert them to a string , before being called by the join method.

creating a user defined function

Another approach is to create a function that contains the logic to convert the list to string.We will concatenate each element until we traverse through the entire list. But performance wise , this approach is a bit slower than when using map or join.

Please try these approaches and let me know in case of any questions. Happy coding !

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