The Practical Method Of Learning Data Science Taught By REAL TIME DATA SCIENTIST

Phani Kumar's Articles On Python And R Appear On The First Page of Google; His Work For D.E.Shaw & Co Is Industry-Altering.

Now He’s Your Teacher.

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Years ago, any and all programmers and IT professionals were in high demand – with the right skills and a couple of programming languages under your belt, you could name your price.

Unfortunately, the times are changing. Now the competition for these jobs is out of this world – if you work with legacy systems and programming languages that were “hot” 10 years ago, you already know about how hard it has become to make a living and stand out these days.

The Solution?

Learn one of TODAY’S highest paid skills -- Data Science -- directly from the Data Science expert for a Fortune 100 Company.

No more…

-Being undervalued at companies because you work with legacy software
-Extreme competition for positions and promotions, and being “commoditized”.
-Trying to learn data science from boring lectures with non-data-scientists and no practical exercises.
-Feeling like you’ll never be able to climb the mountain of data science or reach a high level of skill in this dream field.
-Making less money than you deserve for your technical abilities and intelligence.


It's Time to turn the tables

Data Science has been ranked among the top jobs in the world by multiple authorities for several years now. Here’s why.

Data Scientists are in high demand and every company needs them, yet data scientists are few and far between, meaning a skillful data scientist can easily command top-dollar of $120,000 and up, at the company of their choice, and the demand is only growing.

Imagine being able to go..

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    Competing for low-paying jobs

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    Having un-valuable skills

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    Not understanding data science

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    Having no portfolio

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    Zero data science skills

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    Companies competing for You

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    Having invaluable skills

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    Learning the field very easily

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    Having over 30 projects in Github

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    Full-fledged Data Scientist


Ready to Learn Data Science from one of the best and accelerate your career path?

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“ This data science online course is awesome. Thanks for providing this awesome course. Clear explanations, good examples.I must say that if you really want to grow in your career in Data Science or Machine Learning, go with this training. “
Praveen Hiremath

While it is 100% true that data science requires the successful blending of a huge number of technical skills like R, Python, statistics, linear algebra, and machine learning…

Along with a lot of very advanced “soft skills” like storytelling, presenting, business communication and decision-making, and data visualization…

The problem is NOT that “data science is hard”. No. The problem is the way most courses teach data science makes it hard.

For example, did you know MOST instructors of data science classes are not data scientists themselves – as in, they have never had a job doing data science? As a result, the classes are mostly boring lectures without any practical exercises.

But Isn’t Learning
Data Science Hard?

Not With This Course!


This course, “From Zero to Data Scientist” is completely different.

It is taught by Phani Kumar, an expert in data science who has written articles on Python and R that are currently on the FIRST page of Google.

He is also the current data scientist-in residence at D.E.Shaw & Co, a Fortune 100 company. Thus, he knows how data science is being used in the top companies RIGHT NOW – and what they look for in new data scientists.

“From Zero to Data Scientist” is also 80% practical projects – all arranged into a structured curriculum that covers everything you need to compete at the highest levels of the data science field.

This groundbreaking course gives you everything you need to succeed as a leading data scientist:


Live online classes with Phani with exercises built into the classes so you’re not just listening, you are gaining hands-on experience DOING data science with live Q&A.


Recorded videos to watch and re-watch, so you can practice the exercises and maximize your skill acquisition.


More than 60 coding challenges and assignments given at the end of every class.


More than 30 capstone projects that you will use to build your portfolio in Github.


Mock interviews as a part of the course work to help you land your dream job.

Continuing mentorship from Phani himself as you interview with companies to get the job of your dreams.


Arm yourself with the most practical data science knowledge available today.

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With all of this at your disposal, it is almost impossible to fail in landing a top-paying Data Scientist job. You’ll have the hands-on experience, the skills and the knowledge about what companies are looking for to start your new career.

“ I think the courses were fantastic ; especially due to their practical hands-on approach from the word GO. This was the best example of learning from examples! “
Vikas Sharma

Are You Ready To Become
A High-Paid Data Scientist?

Let’s face it, with all of the benefits this course will give you towards your new high-caliber profession as a data scientist, the price is truly secondary to the value.

Even considering that, the actual cost of everything you get with this amazing course is priced to make sense as an investment in yourself - especially considering the salary potential of a Data Scientist.

For only Indian Rupee 40000 , you can gain full access to the complete “From Zero To Data Scientist” 90 day/6 month course and all of its 60 lessons as well as the more than 30 capstone projects today!

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